Company profile
  Huzhou Jinjie Medical Packing Factory founded in 1995,also it is Huzhou Jinjie Industry Co.,Ltd. based on key investment projects of packaging items.The main products include the capsule and packing of pharmacy,also it is the first manufacturer of aluminum foils packaging for medicine in north Zhejiang.It is the Science and Technology designated new products priority development projects of Huzhou Economic Commission&Huzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau with annual growth rate of 15%.In order to broaden the product areas,the factory has also invested introduced advanced automatic food packaging production lines,it can provide all kinds of sweets、alcohol mark、milk cans with aluminum foil、instant vacuum packaging and other food products with aluminum foil.
  Huzhou Jinjie Medical Packing Factory has advanced production equipment、scientific production process、perfect testing equipment and strict testing means.Enterprise production capacity is about more than 1500 tons.The products are sold to all over our country,export to Japan,Philippines,the Middle East and other countries and regions.
Technical equipment
Product classification 【更多】
Product model:易撕蓋鋁箔
Product model:烤箱用鋁箔紙
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Huzhou jinjin medical packing factory
Huzhou jinjin medical packing factory
ADD:Fukang road 899,Zhili town,Huzhou city,Zhejiang province ,China
Tel: 0086-572-3178612
E-mail:[email protected]
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